Saturday, April 11, 2009

Far Rockaway

While Far Rockaway is being edited I read Monster: Living Off the Big Screen by John Gregory Dunne. Is there the possibility of writing a similar book about what is going on with our film, Food for the Sun? If I am a writer then I had better because it isn't going away.

Maybe something like:

"Ivy Vahanian and I flew to Culebra two days before our scenes were to be shot. I had received the script two days before and we went over our lines on the plane to Puerto Rico forgetting for the moment we were on our way to shoot a big motion picture on a desert island with our best friends, and just being petrified of the script. It looked like it had been written in English by Spanish speaking people, which it was."

Or maybe...

"I had been working as a news anchor at 1010 WINS in New York. It was a radio job to die for but with the chance of a lifetime to star in a movie I packed in my radio career and packed up my snorkel and fins. Proudly with the script for Food for the Sun tucked under my arm I jumped on the plane with Ivy."

Two years later...

"In just another two years Ivy would be starring in Corum Boy at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway, but until that movie comes out I barely managed to work driving a jitney to New Jersey. After thumbing my nose at the industry with a voice and no picture I didn't feel good for much else. The only representation I had in the entertainment industry were time-coded scenes from Food for the Sun hustled into my web site and the hope that someday we would get the thing made. "

In the meantime, this little gem:

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